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Issue 20: Shinobi
June 05, 2015 RetroCollect
RetroCollect FM - Issue 20: Shinobi With a Legendary lifetime starting way back in 1987 surely most retro-gamers have experienced a taste of Ninja Magic in their gaming lifetime? Join our stealthy hosts on a journey through time as they discuss everything Shinobi: The Shuriken from Sega! This issue of RetroCollect FM contains an eclectic mix of co-hosts, each with a diverse smattering of opinion and of course sensational personality. Bonus flavors include HighStefanion, Jake74, Ian8bit, and SonGoku182 to help deliver our standard Katsu, Cauterize, and Suzzopher specials. Bonus points to anyone wearing a Ninja mask whilst listening to this episode, we had great fun making it!
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